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Financial Management Consulting

Equity Partners provide innovative cost effective solutions for both public and private sector clients. Our consulting services are predominately focused on providing clients with frameworks to enhance financial management and governance. We provide practical solutions by collaborating with our clients to utilise our knowledge and experience and where possible, existing client resources, to design and implement solutions that work.

We assist clients in developing and implementing effective budgeting and performance reporting models to monitor achievement of the organisations financial and non-financial objectives. We also assist clients in understanding their cost bases and how activity impacts those costs. We also assist clients in reengineering processes, predominately financial, to implement effective and efficient alternatives.

A critical component of any successful organisation is good governance. We assist organisations in evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of governance frameworks and developing and implementing solutions that improve the organisations governance and monitor the effectiveness of the governance framework. Examples of the services we provide include:


Assisting clients in the preparation of budgets including the design and implementation of effective and efficient budget processes. In regard to Commonwealth Government Sector agencies this includes preparation and/or review of Portfolio Budget Statements, Additional Estimates, New Policy Proposals and Capital Management Plans.

Financial reporting

Assisting clients in the preparation of statutory financial reports and management accounting financial reports. We also assist clients in the design and implementation of best practice processes, procedures and systems to facilitate the entity meeting its statutory and management accounting reporting requirements. We also develop and implement solutions for agencies in relation to specific statutory reporting requirements such as accounting for and the discourse of appropriations, non-financial assets, leases, financial instruments etc

Technical accounting advisory

Our staff have strong technical backgrounds and are highly experienced in providing clients with advice and solutions in relation to the interpretation and practical implementation of complex accounting requirements. Equity Partners staff have a wealth of experience in relation to the development of courseware and delivery of training on accounting and financial management topics. We have also developed content for electronic training packages in relation to compliance, financial management, procurement and governance.


We are highly experienced in the development and review of cost models. We have assisted numerous clients in the development and implementation of cost models to meet a multitude of differing objectives. We have developed and implemented cost models for Commonwealth Authorities and FMA agencies to determine cost recovery charges and also assisted these agencies with the preparation and review of Cost Recovery Impact Statements. We have also undertaken investigative costing assignments to review and analyse cost of functions, business units or products. We have constructed models that allow clients to undertake detailed scenario analysis to understand the impact on revenue and costs from altering activities.

Process review and reengineering

We have undertaken many reviews for clients to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of processes within their organisations. This includes undertaking diagnostic health checks of certain functions. We have assisted clients, on both a large and small scale, reengineer process or functions to provide better and more cost effective outcomes.

Temporary placements

Our people are highly experienced and effective in working as part of the clients team to fill temporary financial roles. We have assisted our clients by filling simple processing roles to acting as Chief Financial Officers. We have been highly successful at providing this service as we have a strong ethos of knowledge sharing with client staff to remove the future reliance on our services.


We have assisted clients through undertaking governance review health checks. We have worked with clients to implement processes and systems to measure compliance and develop processes for achieving and monitoring success against organisational objectives. Examples of services include design and implementation of effective risk assessments and monitoring frameworks; the design and implementation of processes and systems for determining appropriate performance measures as well as collating information and reporting against performance indicators. We have also assisted Commonwealth agencies in the design and development of processes in relation to Certificate of Compliance Reporting and review of returns.

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