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Liam Pratt - Senior Manager
(BA (Pol, His), BComm (Acc), CA)

Liam is a Senior Manager in Equity Partners Accountants Advisors with thirteen years of experience in finance roles in Canberra’s public and private sector. During this time Liam has provided high quality strategy, financial management, budgeting and financial process improvement advice to the public sector in public servant and private sector roles. He has extensive Government Accounting experience as a result of engagements including:

  • The development and rollout of standardised budget frameworks. This has delivered an audit trail of assumptions for future reference, checklists to prompt standardised budget development for geographically dispersed business units and sign-off sheets for accountability.
  • Budget models supporting the life cycle of complex Government assets. This has delivered structures to plan for the life-cycle of assets, which consists maintenance and upgrade of the current asset base, useful life, acquisition of replacement assets, fleet transition and disposal.
  • Industry Capacity Analysis studies. This has delivered a financial historical lessons learnt study of historical Government projects and the modification of programmed capital expenditure for future acquisitions.
  • Project accounting remediation. This has delivered budget models to assign the value of project budgets to deliverables, assess acquisitions for impairment and reconcile the project budget, life to date expenditure, value of assets delivered, assets under construction value and future asset value from the remaining unspent budget.
  • Capital Management Plans which have scheduled funding for the replacement of the current asset base of Departments with significant infrastructure in Australia and overseas.
  • Quality assurance in relation to workpapers developed to substantiate financial statement balances for audit.
  • Development of process flows and assurance mapping.
  • Financial Health Checks for Government business units.
  • Procedural manuals.
  • Financial Statement audit.

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